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No matter what your destination, Oceanis 390 will get you there safely and luxuriously. And she'll do it with minimal effort on your part, thanks to a modern and efficient deck layout and quality hardware. We believe that performance in cruising is as important as it is in racing. Oceanis is designed to be able to sail off a lee shore or out of the way of an oncoming storm. The large diameter, leather sheathed wheel, coupled to a counter-balanced rudder, provides precise and easy steerage under sail or when manoeuvring under

power in tight quarters. With an Oceanis 390 you can rest assured that you are cruising the way it should be done; with a confidence and a peace of mind that allow you to relax and to enjoy. Below deck open spaces, fixed skylights, plus the many opening ports and

hatches provide an abundance of light and air The galley is close at hand both to the cockpit and the salon so the chef is never far from the rest of the crew. The galley features a gimballed stainless steel stove with oven, double stainless steel sinks with mixing faucet and cutting board inserts. So live life to the fullest onboard the Oceanis 390 - where everything is designed to make your days on the water as pleasant as possible.

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