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The Skorba ruins and Ta' Hagrat Neolithic Temple are two interesting archaeological sites within the immediate limits of Mgarr.

SKORBA was excavated in 1966 by the eminent archaeologist David Trump. Its impodance lies in the material obtained during the excavations, which throws light on the pre-temple neolithic period.

Dr. Trump evolved the theory that, during the Bronze Age, the site was used as a dwelling place. Bones of domestic animals, wheat, barley and pottery fragments found on the site'are evidence of such human occupation during the Ghar Dalam period- the earliest point in time of Malta's pre-history. Stone bases of primitive huts were also uncovered on the site.

Skorba is the only place with signs of dwellings used by Neolithic and Bronze Age communities. The key to the Skorba site is available at the National Museum of Archaeology.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.