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The long stretch of the western coastline consists of steep cliffs, which present an impressive sight especially if looked at from the sea.

The awesome precipice to the west of Dingli is particularly striking from the high ridge near the roadway. The sloping terrain, dotted with tiny cultivated plots, ends sharply on the edge of steep cliffs which drop straight into the deep sea.

The Madliena Chapel marks the highest altitude of the Maltese Islands - 250 metres above sea-level. From this spot and from the nearby military post, one can admire the green rugged slope and coastline, as well as the vast expanse of water, and the islet of Filfia in the distance.

The cliffs proceed well beyond Dingli Village. To the north-west they pass through Il-Qaws and Migra l-Ferha to end at Fomm-ir-Rih.

The south westerly stretch takes in its sweep the evocative heights of Buxih, Fawwara, Ghar Lapsi and the far away Munqar above the sea at Blue Grotto.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.