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Girgenti is a shaded fertile valley south of Buskett renowned for its orchards and cultivated fields. Citrus and other fruit trees thrive in the valley beneath the surrounding ridge.

The old picturesque farmsteads, are the homes of the farming community who till the fields and cultivate the orchards. This pleasant locality is among the best venues for hiking and for leisurely strolls.

On a spur overlooking the valley stands the summer palace of the Inquisitors built by Monsignor Visconti in 1625. The Palace commands a sweeping view over large tracts of countryside extending to the sea to the east.

The main rooms of the Palace are located in the front part of the building facing the valley. At ground level, there is an elevated terrace surrounded by a fine stone balustrade. Nearby is the chapel of St. Chades Borremeo, built in 1750.

The inquisitors found this silent retreat ideal for resting, after weeks of judiciary proceedings and trials in the palace of Vittoriosa.

The water supply to the palace is plentiful from natural springs in nearby Ghajn-il-Kbira (the Big Spring), another charming valley in the vicinity.

Some time ago, this imposing summer house was restored, refurbished and equipped with moderh amenities to serve as a resi- dence for the Prime Minister. A good road was also built to facilitate access to the area.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.