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Boschetto or "The Little Wood" is the only sizeable spot of green in the island. It is not a formal garden like Argotti or San Anton.

It is rather an informal park laid out in the spacious valley beneath Verdala Castle. A large tree-lined enclosure serves as private garden to the castle.

The public park area is planted with centuries - old trees, mostly pine, cypress, ash, olive and some evergreen oak. Green orchards and citrus groves cover the slopes and the lower reaches of the valley.

A rustic grotto, with a pool of spring water, decorates the large open space at one end of the garden. This square is a popular meeting place for picnic parties and for playing children. The annual Horticultural Show and Folk Festival are held in this location on the 28th of June, the eve of the Imnarja festivities. Thousands of people from all parts of the island flock to the place to spend a night of celebrations with local food, wine and folk-singing.

Paved passages, lined with trees and green shrubs, provide pleasant walks inside the park. Nature lovers can prolong their ramblings in the green valley which extends eastward from the castle.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.