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The delightful sea-inlet, popularly known as Xlendi Bay, lies at the mouth of a deep ravine which was a riverbed during the remote ice age, when these islands were joined to the European mainland.

Until the middle of this century, the bay served as a fishing-place and as a restful resort for a few Gozitans and Maltese, during the summer season. The statue of St. Andrew, patron saint of fishermen, at the seafront hints at Xlendi's fishing connection.

Of course, the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages have always bathed in the cool water of the bay in the hot days of summer.

The bay, nowadays, is a routine stop for every visitor to Gozo and the short but lovely seafront promenade has its share of restaurants as well as souvenir shops.

Bathing in the bay is usually off the rocks in the deep, crystal-clear water. The tiny sandy bank beneath the promenade is used by small children.

Xlendi Bay is flanked on either side by cliffs and high-ground.

A steep stairway allows the more adventurous to climb to the top of the cliffside, and admire the view. For the less mobile visitors, two tiers of paved passages are provided, where they can sunbathe or saunter, up to the extremity of the bay.

In the winter time, the bay assumes a quieter aspect, but then it is by no means less gratifying to the visitor who admires its natural surroundings.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.