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Mgarr is a typical rural village situated in an isolated region, bKmS West of Mosta. It is surrounded with rich farmland and vineyards. Many of its 2,200 inhabitants are farmers or are engaged in some sort of agricultural activity.

Mgarr's rustic environs embrace several rustic spots like Bingemma, Wardija, Fomm ir-Rih and Gnejna Bay.

The parish church of St. Mary (the Assumption) is a miniature copy of the Mosta Rotunda. Its building commenced in 1912 and its construction depended on free labour and on the generous contribu- tions earned by the parishoners from the sale of farm products.

Despite all efforts to expedite the work, the building was not completed before 1946.

The Church stands on high ground and its elevated terrace offers a charming view of the fertile fields and of the neighbouring hillsides.

Several old homesteads still exist in the narrow streets around the Church. Modern buildings and a housing estate are new additions to the village.

Mgarr has two important prehistoric sites: Ta' Hagrat, which is still in a good state of preservation, stands in a field near the village centre; Ta' Skorba, excavated in 1963, lies just outside the village. The two sites are described in detail in another section of this manual.

Mgarr is a favourite stopping place for people strolling in its countryside and for those travelling in cars to the nearby beaches.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.