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Originally a farming village, Siggiewi has grown considerably and now counts 5,800 inhabitants. It is surrounded by fields and orchards on all sides.

The village is dominated by the church of St. Nicholas. It was constructed in 1697, but in 1864 two aisles were added to the nave and, later, a large dome crowned the beautiful edifice.

St. Nicholas Church, in composite baroque style, is among the finest parish churches of Malta.

The church is situated at one end of a large square facing a huge stone statue of the titular saint. The chapels of St. Mary and of St.

John stand on opposite sides of the square.

Siggiewi is an ancient village. It is recorded that in 1530, when the Order of St. John settled in Malta, the village already had 300 houses and 1500 inhabitants. Until the end of the 19th century almost all the people of Siggiewi were engaged in farming and agricultural work.

The winding streets of old Siggiewi are replete with old dwellings and with palatial buildings which formerly belonged to titled families who used them as holiday homes.

The ruins of a mediaeval church, in Siculo-Norman style, can still be seen in a field at one end of the village.

Siggiewi is situated in extensive and scenic countryside which includes the hilly hamlet of Fawwara, the green valley of Ghajn iI-Kbira and Girgenti with its imposing Inquisitors' Palace.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.