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Until the advent of modem transport in the 1920's, St. Paul's Bay was a pleasant fishing village on the southern shore of the wide bay which nuns inland for more than 3kms. In recent years, the place has been developed into the largest and most popular seaside resort in Malta.

The old village still occupies the stretch of shoreline from Ghajn Razul to St. Paul's Tower. Most of the old fishenmen's houses are now vacation premises belonging to local holidaymakers.

The tourist zone is concentrated within the promontory east of St. Paul's Church - Bugibba and Qawra. Luxury hotels, apartment blocks, catering establishments and tourist amenities have been constructed on all available landspace. Property is in high demand and quite expensive.

Thousands of visitors from all over Europe throng this favourite resort during the season.

OAWRA stands on Salina Bay - a sheltered inlet ideal for off. the- rocks bathing. The salt-pans in its innermost part explain the Bay's name, Salina the Salt Pans.

XEMXIJA, the inner northern shore of St. Paul's Bay, has also been developed as a holiday centre with private villas and tourist establishments.

St. Paul's Bay proper has good facilities for swimming in deep water.

Extensive roads have been built in this major holiday area, and other works are in hand to provide further amenities in the locality.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.